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New: Custom FormThis is an advanced template that allows you to specify which fields are used to submit values. Include input tags in your html, but no form tag. You can also sign users up for a mailing list. NOTE: To have the values be placed into a mailing list, use either default field names such as FirstName, Name, or User0, User1, etc. To make a specific text input field "required", add the parameter id="required" to the html.Click for Documentation on This Template

Page Title:

When a visitor fills out the form, they will be taken to a new page that displays a message. You can set what text they display here.

Success Page Title:
Sucess Page Text:

You can also have the form automatically send an email to the visitor upon receipt.

Send Email Response: Yes
Email Subject:
Email Message:

When people fill out this form, the information can be saved in the mailing list checked below.
Mailing Lists:

In all cases, an email will be sent to the administrator. You have the option of choosing a subject for this email.

Admin Email Subject:

Finally, you have the option of setting an alternate administrator email address. Leave this area blank to use the default. (Great Tree Service <greattreeserviceinc@gmail.com>)
Admin Email:

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