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Land Lot Clearing

Great Tree Service Inc will show up to your property and quickly develop a plan for clearing the lot. Clearing wooded lots is more complicated than lots where the trees have always been removed; if this description matches your property, not to worry. Great Tree Service Inc has years of experience safely and effectively felling trees and digging up root systems and stumps.

Western Massachusetts

Tree Service

Located in Westfield, MA., Great Tree Service Inc. is the premier tree service for Western Massachusetts, Hampden County and surrounding areas. Specializing in land-lot clearing, tree removal, tree planting, stump removal and tree pruning, Great Tree Service Inc.’s team possess all the skill and expertise to guarantee a quality service that will leave your property looking its best for longer. With a passion for tree-care excellence and a commitment to keeping our prices as competitive as possible, we should be the first number you call when the trees on your property need maintenance and improvement. Being a tree owner is a big responsibility and one that should be taken very seriously. To ensure that you fulfill these responsibilities, invest in the number one Western Massachusetts tree service team today.

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Stump Grinding

There are a lot of reasons to remove a tree from your property. Esthetics, safety, practical or emergency reason—no matter the cause, once that tree is off of your property you’re going to have new space to work with, which can be exciting. The last thing you want is to have a stubborn tree stump sitting there taking up room.

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