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Stump Grinding in Western Massachusetts

There are a lot of reasons to remove a tree from your property. Esthetics, safety, practical or emergency reason—no matter the cause, once that tree is off of your property you’re going to have new space to work with, which can be exciting. The last thing you want is to have a stubborn tree stump sitting there taking up room.

Whether you’ve hired us for full tree removal, or you’re dealing with an existing stump that needs to be removed, our tree services are affordable and efficient.

Stump grinders are powerful machines, and with the risks and costs associated with renting your own, it’s always best to hire professionals for stump removal on your property. With more than 15 years operating in Western Massachusetts, you’ll have a tough time finding a better option than Great Tree Services, Inc.—our name doesn’t lie!

What is Stump Grinding?

Cutting down a tree is the easy part of tree removal! But once the tree is removed and the space around it is cleaned up, there’s one thing left over. The stump.

Although stumps are typically quite small and low to the ground, they’re really hard to remove. It’s kind of like an iceberg: just below the stump, there’s a huge network of roots that have a firm grip on the earth below them. After all, the roots need to be big enough to support the weight of the tree up above. This makes stumps nearly impossible to dig up. Forget about it!

At Great Tree Services, Inc., our stump grinders will shred your stump. Their high-powered, high-speed disc will grind any stump into wood chips in no time. Nothing can get in the way of the fixed carbide teeth of the cutter wheel!

Is it a DIY Job?

Many people think they’ll be able to grind their stump down with an ax or a chainsaw. This is extremely dangerous, and we absolutely do not recommend it. The problem is the wood by the stump can be inconsistent in density. It might react to an ax or chainsaw in an unexpected way that an amateur would not be prepared for. Too many people have been seriously injured during operations like that.

Stump grinders are kind of like lawnmowers but more powerful. It is possible to rent a stump grinder from a professional facility. We still don’t recommend it though. Like all work that involves heavy machinery, it’s necessary to have the proper training first. Without proper training, you could end up seriously injured, maimed, or killed.

Professionalism. Reliability. Integrity.

Great Tree Services, Inc. specializes in difficult and hazardous tree removal. Our fully insured arborists pride themselves in offering free estimates, payment plans, and honest assessments of every situation we’re faced with.

This means that if you give us a call about a job you could do just fine on your own, we’ll tell you so. However, tree stump removal is not one of these cases.

A part of our commitment to our Western Massachusetts clients is to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. So, if you’re facing an emergency, you don’t have to wait around for business hours to get in touch with trained arborists who can help.

Stump Grinding Cost

At Great Tree Services, Inc, we’ve got stump grinding down to a science. After removing any rocks from the area and getting the stump as low to the ground as possible with a chain saw or other removal equipment, we’ll work with a stump grinder to take it down to nothing.

While it can cost $100-190 a day to rent your own grinder, our services will put you out $90-150 on average, making it well worth it to just go with a professional.

Don’t over-spend or risk your own safety. Make a professional investment and you’ll be left with the best possible results. Think about it: either way you’re going to pay. Whether it’s a little now and a lot later. Or a bit more now and nothing later. Don’t waste your time and money on badly done jobs and shoddy contracting. No one has time for that!

Stump Grinding is Important

Hiring qualified arborists to get rid of that unsightly tree stump on your property isn’t just about looks and getting a bit more landscaping space to work with, spending on those stump grinding costs will help to avoid regrown and protect from pests that decide to make their home in a decaying stump.

Making the decision to grind down a tree stump in your yard is wise. Great Tree Services Inc. are fully licensed and have been lending Wester Massachusetts home and business owners a hand with their tree services for over 15 years. When you’re looking for a company that can stand the test due to its professionalism, reliability, and integrity—look no further. Just give us a call today to get started!

Customer Care First

Trees will always be our true love. This goes without saying. But because we’re running a business, we never lose sight of the fact that our customers come first. When you contact us, we’ll make sure that every detail is clear because the project goes ahead. This policy is the same for all our other services too. By being transparent about all the costs that will be included in our services, our goal is to leave behind happy customers.

This is one way that we’ve built our reputation in Western Massachusetts. We keep a close tab on all the work we do and ensure that you know exactly what you’re paying for before you pay for it. There won’t be any surprise charges or hidden fees. And because we lay out all the details in advance, there won’t be any mistakes either—that means saving time on redoing work that’s already done. No thanks!

Contact us today for all your tree care, removal, and stump removal services. Our professional arborists are looking forward to working with you.