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Tree Service in Hampden County

Best Tree Removal Service in Hampden County

Serving the Hampden County region since 2002, Great Tree Service Inc are the ones you can trust for the best tree removal service. Our highly qualified and dedicated arborists are here to serve you no matter what the task. At Great Tree Service Inc, we are proud to offer quality service that meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards and regulations.

What We Do at Great Tree Service Inc

We know that overgrown trees can cause problems and potential dangers to your home. For years, Hampden County trusts Great Tree Service Inc for specialized tree removal service, pruning shrubs, tree felling and landscaping.

Maybe you want to build your daughter a treehouse and there are stubborn branches preventing that. Before you get on that ladder, take a moment and give us a call. You and your family will be happy you did.

Specialized Tree and Stump Removal

Each member of our work crew is dedicated to using the latest innovations in the tree service industry to provide the highest standards of service for your home. Storms can damage trees that can threaten your property and may need removal. Our experts will assess potential dangers to ensure the safety and security of your residence.

For example, a decaying stump can greatly reduce the value of your property. And over time, roots can pose a threat to the foundation of your home. At Great Tree Service Inc we specialize in safe and effective tree stump removal. Stumps are cut according to your specifications and all wood will be recycled or stored.

Pruning Services

Hampden County is famous for its lush foliage and beautiful fall colors. For years, our family-run business has served the community and is known for our expertise pruning services. If you want to spruce up your property or if stray branches are blocking your satellite TV signal, choose Great Tree Service Inc for all your pruning needs. Our team of professionals can maintain your beautiful landscape year-round.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Great Tree Service Inc provides the most advanced cabling and bracing methods in Hampden County. We use high strength cables and steel rod braces to reduce stress damages caused by our heavy winters or high winds. We offer annual inspections for our expertly installed systems to ensure the natural growth and life span of your trees.

Who and What is an Arborist?

‘Arborist’ is a fancy word for tree surgeon. They are specialists that focus on the health and safety of trees and plants. Rather than working in a forest, an arborist specializes in the urban environment. Our certified team of professionals follow International Society of Arboriculture (IPA) and the EPA regulations.

Average Cost of Tree Removal

Our practical tree removal services will save you time and money. Compared to the cost of tool rentals and landscaping services, our professional know-how is offered at competitive and reasonable rates. For expert tree removal, pruning, and maintenance, you can count on Great Tree Service Inc. Call us today for a free consultation.